It took me a while but now I’m back once again!

A lot has happened ever since……

I got to know a few senpais and fans of hey-say-japan in school

It was surprising when they approached me and asked “you’re hey-say-japan?” 

I was really happy……..

I have been extremely busy because of school and a lot has happened ever since……

I got to know Korea and its music…….

And as time went by, I got to know Japan, the country where my heart belongs, more and I fell in love with it more as time goes by………

Japan will always be the place where my heart belongs……..

It might be weird come to think of it, that I’m a person that embodies love for both K and J.

But there’s no need for comparison.

I love both, not because of their genre in music, not because of their looks, I love both Kpop and Jpop because they sing of a story that inspires me with life.

……………especially with jpop

I welcome myself back to the fandom!

Kore kara mo yoroshiku

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it has been a while since i last opened my tumblr account

anyway minna it’s hey-say-japan

kore kara mo yoroshiku 

i’m back here at tumblr!!!!

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mark / making mv

can someone tell me how he’s the eldest?

jackson photobombing mark
jackson photobombing mark

Song: UnknownCut
Artist: UnknownMark Tuan
Album: UnknownGot It?
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Mark cut in Got It? (not completely confident on which were his lol)