If you're a girl, which member do you want a christmas present from and what would you like to get?

  • Okamoto: I want a necklace from Yama-chan. A pair
  • Yamada: I will think of Keito as I go and buy it ♥
  • Morimoto: I want a handphone strap from Keito
  • Keito: I will buy you a cute one (首からかけるキラ02かわいいヤツ買うよ)
  • Chinen: I want a nice anklet from Morimoto-chan. It's alright that it cannot be seen right?
  • Morimoto: Got it. I will get one with your name on it.
  • Nakajima: I want a land from England from Keito...
  • Keito: I don't have?
  • Nakajima: Then, guitar~
  • Chinen: You want all precious things of Keito right (laughs)
  • Yamada: I want love from the other 4 members
  • Keito: So cool
  • Nakajima: And now, Yamada got himself a new fan
  • Morimoto: Ah~ ah
  • Chinen: Ah. I want Yama-chan's fans (burst out laughing)

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